Welcome to GARAD

Welcome to GARAD

About us:

GARAD is a freshly launched forum, led by The Pirbright Institute, UK, to establish networking among avian researchers from all continents. Primary aim of this initiative is to share and exchange latest research advances, promote collaborations and to maximize the use of resources and expertise to progressively control of avian diseases, around the world. 

Value Proposition:

GARAD is a global network of research institutes with a common vision to establish and sustain a research network which will generate and share scientific knowledge and tools for the control and eradicate avian diseases.


A coordinated research network promoting and enabling knowledge exchange for the control of avian infectious diseases.


1. Share best practice in avian disease control to the global research community and stakeholders
2. Identify collaborative research opportunities and secure funding for multi-disciplinary research to better understand the transmission of avian diseases in production animals and the wildlife
3. Provide social and economic information to support international policy for disease control
4. Assess the impact of prevention and control tools in the management of disease

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